Project Management

Our management concept is simple and scalable. We provide a single point of contact to better understand your vision allowing us to manage the necessary resources to ensure the success of your project. On complex projects we can manage multiple disciplines and consultants.

Infrastructure and Utility Design

We provide full evaluation and design services of transmissions lines, water mains, sewer collectors, and storm water conveyance systems for the public and private sector. For residential projects we provide design services for individual water wells and sub-surface sanitary disposal systems.

Land Development

We provide a full range of land planning and civil engineering design services. We will guide you through the approval process and the complex technical aspects to help you accomplish your objectives. We have experience with residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use land development as well as commercial and residential subdivisions.

Feasibility Studies and Site Yield Analysis

We will review your parcel to identify environmental and other constraints including wetlands, buffers, bedrock, steep slopes, zoning, easements, and regulatory constraints to create a program that effectively optimizes the development.

Adaptive Reuse

Where redevelopment of a parcel is not feasible due to environmental, zoning, budget, or other constraints, we will develop site design modifications to accommodate the desired use.

Storm Water Management

Our approach is to integrate storm water facilities into the project in a manner that is responsible and that minimizes impacts to our natural resources. During construction we will provide compliance monitoring.

Security Design

We can evaluate your facilities to identify possible points of unauthorized vehicular or pedestrian entry and develop site enhancements including controlled site access and Department of State rated barriers and bollards to minimize the security risks. We can also evaluate site lighting and closed circuit surveillance coverage to identify vulnerabilities.

Transportation Engineering

We provide full highway, roadway, and traffic signal design services in accordance with Federal, State, or local regulations. We will determine the impact on traffic from a proposed development and recommend mitigation.

Municipal Review

We will review applications and submittals made to the Building Department, Planning Board, or Zoning Board of Appeals to determine if the documents comply with the current zoning regulations. We will assist a municipality in meeting their infrastructure improvement goals.

Construction Administration and Inspection Services

We provide periodic or full-time inspection services for the construction of roadways, utilities, or other projects to document conformance with the design plans and specifications. We will respond to field issues and changes and verify completion status.

Value Engineering

Prior to construction we will evaluate the project documents to identify practical solutions and recommend material or process substitutions to meet your budgetary or scheduling constraints without impacting the design objective.

Sports and Recreation Facilities Design

We provide design services for active recreation facilities including natural and synthetic fields or passive facilities such as trails or pathways. We can incorporate these facilities into your residential or commercial site development.

Risk Management and Code Compliance

We will evaluate your site operations to identify any conditions that could be non-conforming or a liability and develop recommendations for minimizing the risks.